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2022 Golf Keynote Speaker: Alex Johnson

     Alex is a 16 year old from Lebanon, TN  who enjoys video games, baking, music, and WWE. He is also well known for Team ALeX’s “Spend A Day In My Wheels” Wheelchair Challenge!  Spend A Day In My Wheels raises awareness about people that use assistive mobility devices by challenging participants to spend a work or school day doing their daily activities in a wheelchair. Alex designed the challenge to open everyone’s eyes to the difficulties people with mobility devices face on a daily basis. His goal is that by understanding the needs of people with mobility devices we can make the world more accessible. Spend a Day in My Wheels has gained a lot of momentum the last few years as TN State Representatives, large and small corporate offices, law firms, and several schools have all participated in the one-day challenge and gave impactful testimony on their experiences.  Join us in welcoming our keynote speaker, Alex, as he tells you about this eye-opening learning experience by seeing the world from his wheels!